UNHCR Funded projects
Main Activities(A)

Establishment of Dairy Farm
Objective: To revive the traditional livestock raising culture among the communities and enhance livestock production through introducing improve breeds in the the IDPS and returnees site.

Graveling of roads and culverts
Objective: To facilitate the transportation of agricultural from farm to the market through rehabilitation of the farm to market tertiary roads in IDPs and returnees site and providing job opportunity for them.

Flood protection retaining walls
Objective: To protect the houses and agricultural land of the IDPS and returnees and villagers’ from the destructive risk associated with seasonal flood and torrential water .

Provision of an equipped ambulance for emergency referral cases
Objective: To facilitate the referral Cassese for comprehensive treatment from IDPs and returnees reintegration site to Mirwais hospital in Kandahar city.

Objective: To provide Shelter for IDPs and returnees according to UNHCR rule

water and Sanitation
Objective: To provide potable drinking water and hygiene/ sanitation promotion for IDPs and returnees

Objective: To mitigate the suffering of IDPs and returnees during the harsh winter season.

Assessment/ Survey
Objective: To Shear the profile, problems and needs of IDPs and returnees with donors especially with UNHCR and give priority to theirs problems and Selection of most vulnerable Families for UNHCR assistance

Objective: To Procure the shelter and winterization Items and manage the warehouse responsibilities

Objective: To Reintegrate the IDPS families to their original place the following sentences

Construction of Kindergarten
Objective: To construct a building of kindergarten for the children of IDPS and returnees families

Dairy Farm

Methodology and implementation


Training provided on feeding, Hygiene/sanitation and preventative intervention for the recipients beneficiaries

The beneficiaries and dairy farm cooperative member who has identifies the deserve beneficiary to receive the first bath of cows who will have make official commitment in writing to hand over the first bath of calf’s(male and female) to the district committee for further distribution to the vulnerable member of the community to replicate the dairy farm in the district.

Graveling of road
Flood protection retaining wall
Ambulance for emergencies

Provision of an equipped ambulance for emergency cases of IDPS and retunes. transported emergency cases about illness to the Kandahar civil hospital

Providing Shelter
Water and Sanitation
Winterization Items
Assessment/ Survey

1. To Procure the shelter and winterization Items
2. Manage the warehouse responsibilities like :

Construction of Kindergarten